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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Lynn Seiser wrote:
Having had the great privilege of training with both Ikeda and Ushiro Sensei, I am not sure that the acknowledgment of one things as valid makes another thing wrong.

I do agree there Aikido needs to be a greater emphasis on Kokyu and a better means of communicating it. I certainly felt it from both of these instructors.
What I don't completely understand, then, is from this part of Ikeda's quote:

Ikeda sensei wrote:
"The kind of power through kokyu that Ushiro sensei has been teaching is completely different from what is usually thought of as kokyu. All of the people who came to this camp experienced this. It may have been only an introduction to this kind of practice and this kind of power, but I think it was a real plus for people to be able to experience it.

As a teacher, one of the most important considerations is how we are bringing up new people in the art, both now and into the future. There will be no growth if we just repeat what is currently being done. For ourselves and for the Aikido of the future, it is necessary to completely change the way aikido is practiced. I think we have come to this critical crossroads."
If what we, in Aikido, are doing isn't wrong, then why the emphasis on "necessary to completely change"? If it's just a matter of explaining kokyu better, that wouldn't create a necessity for complete change, would it?

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