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Straight Face Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Mike Sigman wrote:
Not to usurp Dan Harden's discussion of this article on AJ, but it rates a thread of its own.
Oh well, When you're right you're right.I should have opened it up as a thread.

There are a some interesting questions that could be asked regarding his various statements. I wonder how many will be asked by those -in- Aikido.

From the other thread.

For myself this comment from Ikeda was the most encouraging

"For ourselves and for the Aikido of the future, it is necessary to completely change the way aikido is practiced. I think we have come to this critical crossroads."

I have observed and have been saying for years that Aikido is going "full speed in the wrong direction." That for the most part it's intent- was backward. And for that reason it wasn't:
a. soft
b. internal.
It would be facinating to have heard the behind the door discusion that led him to the same conclusion some of us reached years ago. We have to completely change the way Aikido is practiced.

And more interesting then all of this is.....
1. Why....would Ikeda be making this "observation" now?
2. Is it ...after feeling Ushiro?
3. What has brought him to this "Critical time or crossroads in AIkido?" What prompted this statement by him?
4. Is it now that certain people are speaking up about whats missing?
5. That he has actually felt things that are out there?
I don't think a single question will be answered. Like all the rest of the threads the answers won't come from Aikido. Mark Murrays reply to me may be correct. That the statis quo will be maintained
quote What gets me the most -- That all this "stuff" is being mentioned by people *outside* of Aikido. You, Mike, Rob, Ellis, and Ushiro. Hopefully, Ikeda will be able to help shape a new direction.
Otherwise, we'll just get the same old "That stuff ain't Aikido" rhetoric.

Which goes to the heart of the matter.Will it be a great time for Aikido to go back to its founding? Or just be more of the same?
Deny, dismiss, and.....tenkan.

I knew Ikeda had to be special just from his Systema try out. Another guy who knows that none of us has all the anwers.

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