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Mike Sigman
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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Erick Mead wrote:
1) gyrodynamics and the relationship of precession to O-Sensei's specific description of the art as "jujido" and

2) using sensation of the gyroscopic internal rotation/vibration of joints according to the principles of virtual work (ie. -- zero-motion).

Mike and others have (well, "derided" is a polite term) my thoughts on these issues -- but the idea of "six-direction springs" is a quintessential model of linear resistance (albeit in three axes) that Ushiro Sensei is very definitely NOT using. Whatever the usefulness of "six-directions" as a visualization tool or for other purposes, it is also and for that reason, most definitely NOT what Ikeda and Ushiro are speaking about and the participants have reported....
Don't get me wrong, Erick. I don't "deride" your abstruse theory. In fact I sort of think of your theory as being somewhat akin to "the Peace of God" ..... it passeth all understanding.

On a realistic level, you have to admit that your theory sort of stands alone. The next substantive step would be to have you meet up with some people who know what ki/jin/kokyu is do a "show-and-tell". As I've mentioned before, I think that just for openers, any Aikido teacher should be able to offhand demonstrate the few "ki tests" that Tohei shows in some of his instructional books. Those tests are not indicative of just the things Tohei did... O-Sensei did a lot of them, too.

Basic "ki test" skills are like the ante to get into the poker game. The nice thing being that if you can really do them (and not fake a few of them), there's only one right way the human body can do them... suddenly you have a common level of understanding among a number of fellow enthusiasts and *then* you can start using your meta-theory.


Mike Sigman
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