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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Mental attitude is the key to this question. The type of person one is will determine what style of Aikido that person will practice along with how much intensity. Some people will start out soft and change to hard while others will start out hard and change to soft. It all depends on that goal in which one thinks is the ultimate.

One of my instructors is quite hard and tried to introduce that into the dojo on several occasions so that we could learn the different types of Aikido that is out there. I don't who complained, but the dojo-cho received several complaints about those classes. The instructor has since stopped doing that and has stuck to the standard Aikido in which we regularly practice. I on the other hand, wish to take my Aikido back to the more primitive days and hope that this instructor will teach me the harder stuff on the side. I also like to sweat so that I can shed the little spare tire that I have acquired over the years and make my Aikido truly street effective while some other people in my dojo take this more as a fun activity and don't want to work out at such a high intensity.
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