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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Mike Sigman wrote:
You basically just told me that your vision of Aikido is someone applying a technique well, David.
You have to start somewhere, Mike. Aiki can be done in the early stages with almost no kokyu at all. From there, technique advances as kokyu ryoku advances and sei ryoku advances.

Mike Sigman wrote:
I don't want to get off into a tangent from an otherwise basic discussion, David, but yes... "six directions" can be done and is done in "all directions", but the how's and why's are beyond this discussion. Let's just say that for training purposes, the progression normally goes 2 directions, then 4 directions, then 6 directions..... 3 planar directions which can be used to describe all directions.
I can appreciate it better as going back to basics to build up again to the limitless and omnidirectional. Definitely sounds like Akuzawa has found out how it works.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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