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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Theres more to a martial art than it's 'martial' application right?

I'd say:

Gives me awareness of body.
Keeps me calm
Increases confidance
Are all blatantly martial.

Reduces risk of heart attack
An unfit 'Martial Artist' (god how I hate that term) isnt taking his training seriously (ok, disabilities and illness's aside, dont hang me for saying everyone should be an adonis I'm definately not ) So thats pretty martial to me.

Keeps me happy
Happiness is important. If your not happy with your training then you should look somewhere else. If someone is happy with/because of their training, then surely they are being fulfilled by their martial training? Sounds good to me!

Personally Aikido has helped me:

1) Increase my confidence/self belief/self worth.
2) Increase my fitness.
3) Meet many great and interesting people I would never have otherwise met.
4) Find fantastic friends and a partner who likewise I wouldn't have met.
5) Keeps me calm (has been crucial when injured and bleeding heavily).
6) Stopped me drinking myself to death.
7) Ok, this is blatantly martial but: Has so far allowed me to handle myself well (both mentally and physically) in the couple of minor confrontations that have occurred post start of aikido training.
8) Knowing how silly it is to 'fight' and that the best thing to do is avoid it.
9) Made me calmer, happier, more centered, mature.
10 ) Keeps my pride and ego under control (not always mind, but thats the struggle).

Not bad eh?

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