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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Mike Sigman wrote:
So far, I've asked twice for specifics in relation to posture or even ki/qi, but you haven't replied.
1) I stand up straight.

2) I have it (but so does my bed lamp).

That was productive, and about as specific as your questions.

To be more specific - qi 氣 must be expressed (or exploited) according to Li 理 or it is not effective (which may also waste jing 精 but that is another topic). Thus, setting my electric bed lamp on fire is not in accord with the li of the lamp, although it may be in accord with the li of other kinds of lamps, and may even give me some light while it chars my bed table.

Just becasue the bulb is getting hot and will burn me as much as the flame does not mean that the innner principle by which the different lamps function is the same, although the type of energy each gives off is precisely the same.

Aiki simply follows that same dictum -- harmonizing completely with the internal principle/structure of the attack, which means that the attacking ki is turned back on itself. Just because the same energy is involved in the attack and procured by the movement, doesn't mean you are doing aikido to obtain it.

You are just making bunch of heat and light, either way.

Aiki is like flipping a lightswitch -- not like starting a fire.

The fact that the desired result is simpler by flipping the switch does not diminish the immense sophistication and expression of inner principles that underlies that simple act.

Your argument with me, when it comes to movement, is really about li 理, not really about jin 勁.



Erick Mead
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