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Re: Poll: Is "ki" as used in aikido a metaphor for you?

I answered "yes" but now I'm not sure if I understood the meaning or sense of metaphor here.
As I first understood aikido and read more with more enthusiasm, I found basic precepts resonated with my experience. One precept is that of Ki or Chi. I am both a physical and biologic scientist and well aware of the material assumptions underpinning western science. However, everyone experiences the flow and presence of Ki in daily life, particularly athletes. For example, driving: new drivers may bump and scratch their cars as they learn but spacial awareness ( which I believe to be a sensory aspect of experiencing Ki) gradually improves and the chances of collision decrease. Above this, experienced drivers begin to sense subtle aspects of the car and its performance... running over a bump may cause the driver to lift a foot... or ... turning becomes 'second nature' done with minimal effort. All athletes that are well-practised begin to sense their presence in the equipment they use and/or begin to sense the equipment is an extension of themselves. In weapons training this ultimately is experienced, of course. But to have this same sharing of 'presence' or Ki between individuals is the remarkable aspect of aikido.
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