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Re: Belt problem

Sean Kelleher wrote:
I just wear my belt into a pliable state... I must admit I too am a little to old school to wash my belt, but I certainly don't let it sit gathering mould or the likes; I take it out and air it between classes.

20 years of combined MA training and I haven't had an issue with a belt getting too nasty (mind you though I've never had one belt long enough to wear it out (Aikido might change that though )

Simple wear and time does wonders for making a belt easier to tie.
I've gotten blood, sweat, and dirt on my belt. Usually from very sweaty guys who may not of actually washed their gi in a week or so and sweat horribly due to the nature of bjj. If I did not wash my belt weekly, it would be a biohazard. In fact, anytime I get human blood on anything, I get a little paranoid.

I also have 3 gi's. I wear a clean one each class, and wash it directly afterwards. Of course the level we train tipically is so hard that my gi is actually able to be ringed out its so heavy with sweat, and if it was not washed and instead hung would stink so bad nobody would grapple with me. I have gotten ringworm before, it was not pleasant. This is why I'm so careful of being clean. I also bathe right after class with dandruff shampoo to kill off any bad stuff. I watched the guys in the last ultimate fighter get staff. It's scary stuff. So far I have not notice a lack of growth in my fighting skills.

- Don
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