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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Erick Mead wrote:
Try responding to the points in argument, or do you really maintain that nei-jin (internal strength) as a concept is not within the set of nei-jia (internal family [of arts]) as related principles of action??
Who cares? Of course there is neijin in the neijia... but there's neijin in the waijia, too, so you're fumbling in the dark.

Your comment about neijin being "resistive" is exactly as ill-informed as it would be to look at a picture of Tohei demonstrating jin/kokyu/ki by letting an Uke push on his forearm and saying "Aha! Aikido is 'resistive'!" What you said is exactly like that. How can what Tohei does be called Aikido if what he shows is "resistive"? Now do you see how silly your comment is?

I asked you a precise question in order to pull you away from your general assertions. Heck, I'll even open it up some... tell me how neijin skills differ from the ki skills shown by Ueshiba,Tohei, and others.

In terms of storing up energy and releasing it, Ueshiba did that, too, BTW. You should know that power-releases are actually just a variation of what is demonstrated as kokyu power. As I've said many times, there are only a few principles, but the variations, levels of skill, etc., across many martial arts can be quite wide.


Mike Sigman
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