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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

As always, excellent post. And sadly, I'd agree. The real point being that I don't count. To have folks from within the Aikido community finally acknoweledge and support these obeservations ...made from without. Mark, Chris, Gernot, and now you. You being a clear distinction of having more time in and position.

Ya know when I heard that Ikeda donned a white belt and showed up to take a Systema class at an Aiki expo a few years back, I thought "What a hell of a guy." Shear confidence and a willingness to admit he didn't have all the answers. Some of the best men I know hold no truck with rank or affiliation and consider themselves perpetual students over being considered teachers.

I just couldn't let your excellent post go unanswered. I hope to meet up one day.

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