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Most Police officers I know, use a modified form of aikido As thier self defence... Many cops defend themselfs everyday... So as far as "Is it effective"... I think that answers it. About Fighting a boxer... I dont really think its important, if you keep your distance.. they still need to bridge the gap. Also anyone remember Ali, when he got stomped on by that big ol wrestler years ago... Boxers are Good, but not invincible... they train hard...It reminds me of something i read in book about bruce lee... "Dont expect bruce lee results, unless your willing to put in a bruse lee effort"... The guy trained all the time.. ( not 2 or 3 days a week for an hour and a half )... then lastly would be.. why would you be fighting a boxer in the first place?... Isnt one of the principles about harmonizing, or resolving conflict... I belive the best way to resolve conflict is to not put yourself in situations where conflict may arise...for Instance... if you were to go to the atm at 2am.. would you really be suprised to find yourself getting mugged. Or being at a bar, and getting stupid... the list goes on, I mean, really how many times do you find yourself in real fights, If you do then you must be doing something wrong.
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