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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

David Orange wrote:

I don't think that all the aiki no inyo-ho methods are done from seiza. I believe that refers to the whole range of original aiki methods, including standing and sword, though if you find an exact reference, I'll listen.

No, not all. Agree with you there. But, it's a striking revelation that seiza just isn't some position that we sit in because of "tradition". Heck, I'd already had enough revelations with the internal stuff that I didn't need any more. LOL. I told my aikido class that I felt like going back to a white belt. To borrow the quote from Neil, "I suck. I will try to suck less. Someday I may even get good enough to do this well."

Back to the theory, though. If seiza is one of those things that is used to learn the internal arts, hence things that made Mochizuki, Ueshiba, Shioda, etc better at their art -- and kids sit seiza naturally or intuitively, why aren't they also picking up on the internal aspect of seiza, too?

Perhaps they naturally, or intuitively, know the physical aspect but not the complete internal skill? Whole body movement such as when a toddler goes from crouching to standing and back to crouching rapidly in succession about a million times but yet couldn't really have a strong internal center. Dunno ... it's your working theory.

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