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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Tim Fong wrote:
It isn't a free fight, but it does show Akebono attempting to push the Chen guy off his base... and yeah, the Chen guy has to put a leg back.

Without the internal skills though, I think, he would have gone flying.
Sure. That's good for a brief demo. And I don't present Akebono as the ultimate in anything, especially now that he's quite a while out of the ring. I just don't know how the top champions are anymore since I left Japan.

However, how would you do against Akebono? How do you suppose Chris or Dan would do?

I know people who can't do what I can do and I know plenty of people who can do more than I. But my aikido has never failed me when it counted and there's more to it than physical technique, including the whole realm of "overcome the opponent mentally, at a glance," in which no touch is even necessary. That's where I have always won when the situation was really serious. But I wouldn't expect it to work on the current sumo champion.

And there is still the matter of the sword. The only way to "beat" the sword is to not be there when it arrives. And whether you do that with irimi or tenkan or whatever method, there must be an element of evasion to it.

Still, even if you successfully evade the sword with irimi, if the guy is still too powerful (internally, externally or any mixture of the two), you can't effect him and he will be able to attack again (in reference to Chris' earlier statement).

Thanks for the clip.


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