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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

David Orange wrote:
The point you are missing is that you are talking about the goal and I am talking about the root. You're talking the roofbeam and I am talking about the footing. You're talking aged wine and I am talking grape juice before yeast has even been added.

Talking about the "goal," let's look in terms of sword attacks. If one does not somehow evade the attack, he is dead and the attacker will not need to launch another attack.


Comments on O-Sensei's article? Can a rabbit eat an oak tree?
Again, you're assuming we're taling about the same thing. We're not. Any system which presupposes that evasion or avoidance is the root of aiki isn't what I'm talking about. Irimi could be considered the fundamental priciple of aiki. This is the counterintuitive aspect of aikido strategy, that I'm safest by moving into an attack than away from it. You're giving examples of something else which I don't consider to be aikido.

I don't feel like commenting on the article. I'm not interested in rabbits and oak trees.

If you have the manual translated as "Budo Training in Aikido" would you care to comment on the total lack of avoidance or evasion as a strategy, but rather the constant emphasis on an overpowering attack or at least irimi?
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