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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

I don't think we really have anything in common as far as movement and understanding of Aiki. Evasion of that order isn't Aiki in my view. It is of the lowest order and nothing more than gross motor movement. I guess with practice if you can lead someone offerng an attack then it is better but still gross motor movement.
I see where you are coming from since I used to think that evasive movement stuff had merit years ago.
So Dave, as a motion experiment....
Lets say you grab me and start, try to fit in for O' Goshi.
Lets say you have my arm and gi.
Version one
a. I don't move my feet
b. I don't move my arms
c, you can't move at all

Version two
a. I don't move my feet
b. I don't move my arms
c, You get in to the point where you start to fit in with your feet and hip
d. you lock yourself up and collapse at my feet or pop yourself off.

1. What did I do?
2. Since you can't move or control your own body where does Aiki fit in?
3. Since it is of a higher order and far more controlling- is it superior?
4. Where did evasion happen
5. What child knows this and can do it? I know of few men who actually train to do it who can with any consistency.


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