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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
So, if you are still alive, then you must be A. How many people have you killed lately?

Me, I just train in a dojo with a fake sword against mostly fake attacks. My kid is the only one who really tries to get me - and I am serious! To him, with his plastic sword, the glean in his eye is as real as it gets.
Look, I'm supposing that you weren't trying to hit your kid, but only trying to block his attacks. If you take away the ability to attack and only defend, you are lost already. I would imagine that given the same scenario but with a teenager (who supposedly whould have already been programmed away from the natural aiki movements of his infancy) it would be *more* difficult not less. That's what I'm getting at. Even though we train in dojos, we must struggle to make the encounter as real as possible, that means both parties having the intellectual maturity to enter into a very dangerous headspace and cooperate in an honest manner.
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