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Neil Mick
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Re: Poll: Is "ki" as used in aikido a metaphor for you?

I cast the 2nd vote for this poll (making it Yes: 1; No: 1)! Yippee!

Hanna Björk wrote:
And "living energy" is what, precisely? Can your ki, or mine, be measured in kilojoules (the SI unit of energy)? Or does energy in context mean something else? If so, what?

Maybe a symbol and an illustration that is not to be taken literally?
I'm with you, Hanna: ki is a metaphor.

At least, AFAIC.

Clearly, ppl practicing in other styles (Ki Society) would disagree with me.

But if its not a tangible thing, then it is an abstraction. Can you describe it? Can you hold it in your hand?

A metaphor does not make it any the less powerful, even so. Ki can be everything described here (and more), and still be a metaphor, linguistically speaking.
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