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Talking Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
Your scenario included weapons. Weapons confrontations (particularly swords which was the specific scenario) traditionally ended in one of three outcomes. A dies, B lives. A lives B dies. A and B die. That's it. By not wanting to do harm in a (theoretically) lethal scenario you forfeited the encounter.
So if you're teaching basics of sword to an eight-year-old, do you try to hurt him? Do you try to frighten him? Does he ever come back to learn more? You're dealing with a sprout. Don't you stake up your tomatoe plants, or do you expect them stand on their own against the wind when they're barely growing?

What Rupert learned was that even a child could hit him with a sword. Sobered him right up.

As I mentioned to Tim Fong earlier, there are many "tests" of the reality of aikido that most aikidoists, in my experience, will fail. One of those is a serious sword attack. I've seen lots of aikidoists who deliberately strike far wide of the defender and the whole group is seriously deluded about the quality of their aiki movements. They really freak if you cut straight and true--even if you make the allowances necessary not to hit them. But if you were trying to hit them, it would be easy, so their aikido is not real, is it? There's no substitute for the rubber sword, where that test is concerned. Wakes you right up and one must know that whatever is touched is cut completely off the body. So understand that when I talk about aiki, that's my standard. But you have to make allowances for beginners and you don't expect a baby to perform at the level of a trained adult. Sometimes, they're better!


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