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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
Ju/aiki is not evasion. It's subtle direction and *control*. Period.
I don't agree. I think it means to walk your own way, regardless of who tries to stop you and make you do something else. And babies are excellent at that. And that is the root of aiki. It's when we turn it into a brand-name product that people lose sight of the purpose. We don't practice throwing and joint locking just to be throwing and locking joints. We practice them so that we can be free to be ourselves and not susceptible to bullies who would try to control us. We don't necessarily have to get tied up in their game. Ueshiba O-Sensei often did not do anything at all "to" his attackers. He just evaded and kept moving and they fell down from their own efforts. The baby you described could only be controlled by someone with more highly developed aiki than his own.

Christian Moses wrote:
Your definition of aiki seems to include any physical skill.
Well, it has to have certain qualities. But where's all the terrible balance I keep hearing about in babies? That baby seems to have had great balance. He had speed, he was able to change direction and elude vigorous adult efforts to catch him. Sounds like a little O-Sensei. Could you do as well in a crowd of 18-foot-tall and 1,600 pound opponents, all trying to capture you?


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