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David Orange
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Michael Douglas wrote:
It seems you really want to patronise and insult me David.
Well, you are a deluded fool.
Let it out, Michael. I feel your pain. You are afraid that all the hard effort you've put into learning aikido is being mocked. Well, it's not. The art of aikido has my highest respect. And no effort is really wasted. But I am telling you that you could gain more with less and have a better relationship with your children as well.

You have directed all your efforts to replacing your natural reflexes with a set of responses that you seem to think were invented outside humanity, in an abstract, intellectual vacuum, like nuclear formulae, then pressure cooked into human beings.

I am telling you that aiki already resides in the more primitive part of your nervous system that cannot be conditioned and which will remain and express itself when your conditioning stops or when the stimulus is too sudden or intense. Your primitive responses will over-ride your training.

The method to make aiki sure and permanent is to build it on those primitive reflexes that will always be with you and which have gotten human beings through the millenia without special training. The trick is to find the particular reflexes on which aiki is based and understand aikido techniques deeply enough to train your techniques on those primitive reflexes.

Michael Douglas wrote:
I have raised four children and observed them just fine, but not from the misguided point of view of trying to find techniques and principles of aikido in their movements, that'd just be silly.
Unless it's true. Again, we're talking about very subtle moments in the behavior of children, mostly when they are "misbehaving" and you are either intent on forcing them to do what you want or calling for your wife to control them. From all your comments, you don't seem to respect childhood much at all, so I doubt you have really paid much attention to the subtle communications that are going on with "misbehavior" and resistance to your iron will. If you're that rigid with your training partners and don't observe them any better than that on the mat, it's no wonder that you don't really see the point of aiki.

Michael Douglas wrote:
And how many years of aiki training, with whom, and where? And how much of the twelve years you've been dealing with children have you really not even been around them, but in a dojo trying to learn about nature? I submit that you have not really observed those children very closely at all.

And last, please comment on the Aikido Journal article in which Ueshiba O-Sensei says that if you caught the secret of aiki you could be doing aikido on his level in three months. And don't forget my question: can a rabbit eat an oak tree?

Best to you.


"That which has no substance can enter where there is no room."
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