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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Mark Walsh wrote:
Human being are born with less concrete "instincts" than all other organisms - this means we can learn more but are vulnerable as infants. If interested in this topic suggest studying the research as to what these instincts really are - less than you might think, more predispositions than stone commands.
True, but they are well oriented to survival, otherwise the death rate among humans, with such a weak infancy, would be 90% by age five, I would guess. But the vast majority of children grow to adulthood, despite all manner of obstacles and threats.

Mark Walsh wrote:
The basic attack pattern of human animals is a fisted downwards blow to the front/top of head (kinda like 2001 Space Odyssey shomen) and can be seen in riots and infants worldwide (cross cultural comparison essential here).
What Ellis Amdur called "simian-like overhead flailing."

Mark Walsh wrote:
Recommend reading Paul Linden and Mosh Feldenkrais as excellent starting points, and gald that people are observing kids too.
Most of my ideas were formed from reading extensively in Feldenkrais ("Body and Mature Behavior" and "The Potents Self" as well as others) after twenty years of aikido--five of those in Japan with a judan master--and applying that thinking to direct observation of children in action. And since you are aware of Feldenkrais, you will appreciate the tiny levels at which I am observing.

Mark Walsh wrote:
One thing I think we can all agree on is that we have a basic design and that aikido is about working with this model not in antagonism to it...
Mark, that says it extremely well. My point is that we have that model from the beginning and that we can cultivate aikido from the qualities of that model from early childhood straight through into old age.

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