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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Tim Casady wrote:
Of course, trying to absorb the impact of a fall through one's hands is a good way for an adult to sprain or break their wrists....This is a case where the natural movement that the child does might be counterproductive for an adult.
But it's not the only way children fall. I've spent hundreds of hours watching children naturally at play and in general they are able to fall quite well. Considering some of the falls I've seen children take, it's a wonder anyone reaches adulthood. But most of us do. And that is a testament to the effectiveness of the reflexes we're born with.

Tim Casady wrote:
Of course, a big part of aikido is refining and and reshaping natural movement. Think about how walking is natural, but an aikidoist reshapes their walking to allow walking to unbalance an attacker.
I would say the aikidoist does not actually reshape his walking, but changes where he walks. On the other hand, children walk to that place from a very early age. If we help them cultivate that kind of movement from the beginning, they won't forget it and won't later have to be "re-programmed" at long and frustrating pains.

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