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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Sorry David. You know I like ya. But this theory is just more of the same "natural movement" hypothosizing out there. Rediscovery because we forgot this great skill we used to have?.....nonsense.

The higher levels of what your body can do are simply not natural at all. In fact they are un-natural in nature and take years to perfect.
The body? Has no essential need for them and therefore no happenstance to have discovered them. Aside from the concept being poppycock...... Why would the body adopt them for movement in the human frame as a "natural need" in the first place, for a child-only to lose them? Did the child morph into a cucumber or a quadraped or a motor vehicle and not have the "natural need" anymore? No need to answer, as I said I already wrote it off anyway.

Percentage wise, how many men can do them, even among those who have searched half their lives to find them in the first place. A child not only cannot have "discovered" these un-natural movements or body methods- by a natural process of discovery- and then lost them-they cannot have learned them in the first place. It takes a greater level of concentration and mental control then they posses. And last it takes years of concentraion in interplay to develope them to a high degree with interaction.

Followng the examples offered in the videos and descriptions- if a person thinks "leading" in front of a push or "blending" by moving and "opening your door" is something akin to what aiki is, or is anything of a high order. I wish them well in their pursuits.


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