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Re: different ways of applying kotegaeshi

At our dojo, we have seen so many kotegaeshi applications. Our teacher has worked with so many different teachers at hombu that he has seen pretty much all of them. We have experienced turning into the uke with our center. Making the hand turn out against our bodies. We have used our weight by going down to a knee at the end to "pull" the center downward. But the one we work with the most is the Endo style.

The teacher our dojo is most aligned is Endo. In this style there is a kotegaeshi without needing to apply the thumb and the turning out. It is more of blending the front hand and getting heavy on the inside of the elbow causing the arm to bend upward. With the heaviness still applied, the center of gravity is dropped and the uke goes down. This is used for tons of other throws and needs that essential connection and pressure to make it work correctly. So muscle will only screw it up. It is very difficult to get the first 20 times it is attempted. It takes a very good uke to "feel" the attack. So you need to be very empty minded and understand where your energy is going.

Maybe one day I can get it right, we have been working with it for a little while. It is very eye opening and enlightening.
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