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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Tim Anderson wrote:
I am curious how you would explain the derivation of "aiki" systems that evolved from armed and armored soldiers. These systems required unique articulations based on the weapon and armor of choice.
But all those things were based first on the human skeleton and muscles. All those warriors were first humans, and first children. And most of them were fathers as well as warriors. Armor, weapons, etc., are all limited by the nature of the human body and nervous system, all minds formed by life with parents and children.

Tim Anderson wrote:
I would also like to note that when a person/child cedes their position to an incoming stressor does not denote the blending of aiki. In other words moving from your position and blending are not the same thing.
No, they're not always the same thing. And aiki does not always even move off the line of attack. But in the first video, when grabbed, the child extends his ki arm and turns around, spontaneously, never having been taught to do so, into perfect position for sankyo. And in Mikel Hamer's first post of this thread, the little girl leads the little boy smoothly around until he falls. Both are good examples of blending.


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