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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Ron Tisdale wrote:
In your opinion...for that last part...

Well, it's not a beginner's opinion in aikido or in child development. I've observed numerous nieces and nephews, taught scores of children in formal aikido classes, studied Feldenkrais (which is based largely on studies of child development) and observed and interacted with my own chidren (three of them, all exhibiting aiki movement at the toddler stage) and I have numerous examples from other people observing children in action. Plus, a major part of my aikido experience was in Japan with an uchi deshi to O-Sensei.

So if it's my opinion, it's a deeply informed opinion.

And again, I say that those who dislike the idea either probably don't have children or just haven't paid much attention to them when they were doing things not considered to be worth paying attention to.

To me, that's a very important part of aiki: paying attention to little things that other people don't consider meaningful at all.

Best wishes.


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