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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
Done here. Sufficient to say I disagree with your entire premise completely. It flies in the face of my own experiences and all developmental science that I have studied.
Well, we have established before that you disagree and I understand that you have views based on studies. But I developed these ideas after long aikido training and direct observation of many small children. And since first promoting the idea on e-budo and then on Aikido Journal, I've received many more examples of direct observation of untrained children doing the essence of aiki--maintaining their own posture and balance, moving in circular patterns and neutralizing another person's strength and ability to control them.

People disregarded Ben Franklin's claim that the tiny spark that jumps from a doorknob is the same as the lightning that comes down from the sky, but today we know that this is true. Giant oaks come from acorns, huge trees come from mustard seeds, wine comes from sweet berries and samurai arts evolve from child reflexes.

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