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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

Ryan Bertram wrote:
This is by far one of the best threads I've had the chance to read though. It really strikes at the heart of what Aikido really does. Lynn with all that passion you should write a book on it, and how to apply some of it in a laymen's for those who don't have the clinical experience. I think Dojos everywhere would benefit from such commentary.
Wow, thank you. I am humbled.

Actually, I do have a collection of articles I have written on Aikido application to many situations "off the mat". I have sent queries to several publishers, received compliments, but no acceptance yet. Many of the past articles from my column (that Jun talked me into, thank you very much) are included. Its called Aiki-Solutions. Now that I have some other projects completed, with this threads encouragement (along with the NVC thread) perhaps I revive it, run it up a flag pole again, and see if anyone salutes it.

BTW, its mostly about entering and blend with a problem rather than resisting it, unbalancing its basic intent or expression, and redirecting it towards a win/win solutions. The biggest problem (and solution) we have is our own mind, especially the part we call identity. Yea, like we can't change our own mind.

Thanks again for the response, support, and encouragement. Its what always keep me showing up at the dojo all these years.

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