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Re: 7 year old applies self defense

A quote from: Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere by A. Westbrook & O. Ratti

The "Ethics" of Defense

In Panel D, we have the ultimate in ethical self-defense. Neither attacking nor provoking an attack, the man on the left defends himself in such a way, with such skill and control that the attacker is not killed. In this case he is not even seriously injured. This last and highest level is the goal of all aikido self-defense arts. It requires skill: the result of intensive practice of the technical means of defense devised by the founder, Master Uyeshiba. But it requires more than that. It requires an ethical intention. A man must sincerely desire to defend himself without hurting others. He must be well on the way toward integration of mind and body, of physical means and ethical motives.

O-Sensei was highly trained in MA but also very spiritual. Aikido is the merging of the two. You can see the difference in approaches when you see those MMA practitioners of the UFC and others. What's lacking there is the spiritual consciousness. In its most ideal form any MA is not for show, not for making money, and not for conquering others. Instead its an art to protect and preserve the divine right to live in peace with ethics, where one is willing to face death with love and without fear. If one has fear, he hates, he desires to kill. Love is the opposite of fear. The evolution of man is to survive in this world in fear, but with education and training, learning to live instead with love.
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