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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
I would start an eight year old in judo and let them learn about kuzushi and have some fun.
So where do you start an 18-month-old?

I think he's doing just fine. The second step, which he's already entered, is a game called "get your nose." I gradually got him interested in grabbing my nose, then I got him to keep going for it even when I evaded with "chi sao" types of parries. Then I got him to keep going when, after evading his grabs for my nose, I would grab his. Now, at age two, he is continuing to go for my nose while rather effectively parrying my attempts to get his nose. By the time he's four, it will be hard for any of his contemporaries to hit him in the face, I believe. And he should be able, by then, to flow from an evasion, into the natural sankyo he can already do.

In this way, I'm building on the roots of his natural movement, rather than trying to "teach" him by a totally self-contained external set of lessons based on one-two-three programmed responses.

Best wishes.


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