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Re: Aikido: Three in a row!

I should point out that one of the problems with talking about what Aiki is, or Aikido is or should be is that different teachers, organizations and practitioners have wildly different takes on what those words even mean. For some lines of aikido moving the whole body as a unit in large motions is correct, for what we do that's completely wrong. So I should conceed that what you may be practicing as aikido may indeed be found in the movements of babies, but I have found that the stuff that really works on me and for me is far from intuitive or something which I feel was unlearned. For example, it is not intuitive to have a very relaxed hand, bicep and major pec simultaneous to having flexed triceps and shoulder/back muscles while grappling, but that's one example of how we *sometimes* transmit force. These skills are very hard to develop and don't reflect how humans natually move.
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