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Originally posted by ca

Uh oh, I thought, I am soooo toast As I prepared to launch into an extended dissertation on my Aiki options (aka stalling), the kami smiled on me and he announced "well, I wouldn't just grab your wrist..." and as I felt his weight shift I ducked under his arm holding me, turning around as my arm dropped and he fell forward.
Haha, Colleen, good job

I personally prefer shihonage for these cases.

Once I decided to risk it and tried to use my "poor man's nikkyo" to showcase Aikido to a muscular, resisting man.
He didn't budge.

So before he realized that his resistance was in fact 100% successful, I used his upward motion that he used to resist, to slip into an ikkyo, and he almost flew into a cabinet headfirst.


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