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David Orange
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
Aiki is not simple, it's not natural, it's counterintuitive and very complicated.
Chris, while I would like to agree with you, I prefer to agree with O-Sensei that aikido is natural movement.

Christian Moses wrote:
Well I guess that's a difference between us. I don't go to those dojos or train with those shihan. There are a lot of people living in a shared delusion of what aiki is and what it feels like. Just because they call it aiki doesn't mean I have to agree.
It's not really a difference, because I haven't gone back and I've never gotten along well with anyone who had that attitude, but from what I've seen, that's the prevalent attitude for black belts.

On the other hand, we are discussing beginners. How much resistance would you give a sixteen-year-old beginner in lesson #1?


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