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Oh, I rarely get it...most often gauge a class on how much I'm NOT getting it. Something did happen out of class a few weeks ago, 'tho...

In an ongoing war of pestering vs resistence, I dragged a friend to his feet, insisting that he would LOVE Aikido if he tried it, and encouraging (yes, yes )'grab me here' as I offered my wrist. So a well muscled male approximately one foot taller and 100 pounds heavier locked my wrist in a death grip that exceeded even the toughest Iwama places I've ventured into , as only a male not too interested in pursuing Aikido at the moment can do.

Uh oh, I thought, I am soooo toast As I prepared to launch into an extended dissertation on my Aiki options (aka stalling), the kami smiled on me and he announced "well, I wouldn't just grab your wrist..." and as I felt his weight shift I ducked under his arm holding me, turning around as my arm dropped and he fell forward.

Gosh, I thought, this Aikido stuff might actually work , as with genuine interest he said 'hey, do that again...'

Even a blind pig...
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