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Re: Article: 'Sincere' Attacks: A Platonic Dialogue by Peter Goldsbury

I confess that I frequently post in a cryptic or 'weird' way. Let me try to be more clear.

We can talk about other people. We can talk about what other people did. We can talk about ideas. Mr. Goldsbury is trying to talk about ideas, not all the details.

My post above about 'the 2x4 to the back of the head' was an example, in my mind, of the real world. In the real world most people encounter the duel - squaring off with another for dominance. Less frequently, but more real is being attacked suddenly, viciously, unexpectedly. If you are an aikidoka please don't engage in 'the duel'. It is pointless. Negotiate.

If you train in martial arts you have at least heard about people being mugged, or murdered, swiftly in the dark. How will you train to prevent this from happening to you? Ikyo? Nikyo? Wave hands like clouds? Ogoshi?

So, what is the point of the training anyone does? Do we turn the lights off and bring baseball bats into the dojo? The senior mudansha I mentioned in first post seems to feel that if he thwarts my technique he has succeeded. I disagree. When the technique I am training is ikyo he knows how to block That technique. If he attacks honestly - he can use a lot of force, and even try to hit me with enough force to knock me out, preferably no more, BUT he should not be dishonest and prevent me from moving him in the ikyo motion.

What a lot of words I used just for one thought! This is the other reason Peter chose the dialogue - more fun to read.

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