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Originally posted by MaylandL

On a more serious note, Ian, Edward and Chuck are quite correct. I was in a real rut between 1st Kyu and training for my shodan. Things just didn't go right for a long time. I think I was training too hard and wasn't relaxed. I was training to get my shodan and not for the sake of learning and improving my aikido. When I came to that realisation, the aikido got a little more fluid and natural and I got to enjoy doing aikido for its own sake and not for getting a shodan.

That seems to be quite a common occurance. That happened to me to. 1st kyu was the hardest rank for me. It is also quite common amongst student at the dojo where i train. Many people speak of the tough 1st kyu slog before everything makes sence for about 6 months after you get your shodan.

Well, that's IT.
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