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Re: Article: 'Sincere' Attacks: A Platonic Dialogue by Peter Goldsbury

Peter, if it's not your point of view, what is the point of presenting such ideas by YOU, particularly when they were discussed already by others? I'm greatly confused here........

Clearly Stephan is not familiar with Plato.
I read it when I was at the university, but it was in prehistoric times I simply don't see the reason to use it in aikido context.

I have to say, Sczepan's post brings up a dilemma: If one really ATTACKS say a beginner, with full intent to hit and do damage, what happens if the attack succeeds?
in fact my point was: what will happend if a beginner from specializated MA will honestly and with full intend attack very advanced aikidoka. I don't see a big deal with aikidoka attacking with their usual clumsy atemi, shomen/cut or grip -- honest or not, with intend or without, such attacks are worthless. However, this is every day sad reality in very many aikido dojo.
And on th base of such attacks, many instructors build their false confidence and are trying to impress the galeries with some tricks.

I believe that we tend to confuse a sincere attack with intention ( a training tool) with a competitive attack such as exists in various styles of free-sparring in other MA. .
Please, Alec, I don't talk here about full strategy of attacks/feint as in competition. I talk here about one normal attack -- normal by norms from MA where these attacks are taught on high level -- because it is their speciality. Their normal attack -- for us it is very difficult attack. They not only fully control their balance, power, maai etc ALL TIME, but are ready to repeat it or do follow up with other hand, leg, head, elbow... To take their balance little bit even for half a second becomes almost impossible. Entering against such attack is almost impossible.
Many O sensei students came form such MA and could deliver such high quality of attack.

That is why I'm not enthusiast to ask them honest, full intend attack ....


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