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Re: Article: 'Sincere' Attacks: A Platonic Dialogue by Peter Goldsbury

I think I should make one important point before people start hunting for more red herrings.

Plato used the dialogue form as a literary & dialectical device, a form of argument, usually with two or more interlocutors. There is usually no conclusion to the argument, since the questions discussed were philosophical or ethical questions.

However, Plato never himself appears in any of his dialogues and it is very difficult to determine whether any one interlocutor actually expresses Plato's own views. So it is a great mistake to assume that the views expressed by the aikido practitioner in the dialogue are necessarily or actually the views of the author himself.

Much of the content is a distillation of many discussions here and on other Internet forums, especially those that purport to discuss the question whether aikido 'really' 'works'.

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