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Re: This is Aikido, by Tohei

Clark Bateman wrote:
Far be it from me to correct you about your own teacher, but Maruyama Sensei DID write a book (supervised by Tohei Sensei). It is called "Aikido with Ki" and it was first published in 1984. I would not call it a timeless classic, but it is a well thought out and useful book.
Yes you are correct and it is a good book but it was more a presentation of Tohei's work up to that point rather than sensei's own reflections.

I guess the point I wanted to make was that I agree and believe that "This is Aikido", could well be THE seminal book for aikido with a ki approach. It was written before Tohei became more focused ki development than martial technique, IMO.

It is just my hope that more like it a produced, reflections from the students of osensei that experienced the source of aikido first hand.

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