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Re: Article: 'Sincere' Attacks: A Platonic Dialogue by Peter Goldsbury

Continuing the thoughts above, I think most folks envision 'the fight' as some kind of one on one showdown or duel. Shame on you if this is the situation you find yourself in! I will never be in a 'fair fight' in my life! I run, hide, lie, misdirect - whatever it takes to survive. As I've matured I am polite, respectful, kind, humble and try to stay out of trouble.

Trouble is being hit in the back of the head with a 2x4 when you are distracted. Intuition is what we are training - knowing something is wrong.

Training can't be the way real life attacks are. We must cooperate, or people will die, or get injured too often. We had more injuries in the gentle art of judo than we do in aikido. This is a good thing.

No duels for me. Never again!

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