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I've been doing martial arts on an off for about 18 years (8 of those years doing aikido) and I've only had "it" a few times. Mind you it has been a series of small "its" and not the really big "IT!"

Yeah Vera, I agree its very satisfying. All I can say is keep training and keep chasing that elusive "it" and "IT!" too.

That's what keeps me going back for more. Oh Abasan, don't worry, I'm sure you won't be an "it" virgin for much longer...just keep training at getting it .

On a more serious note, Ian, Edward and Chuck are quite correct. I was in a real rut between 1st Kyu and training for my shodan. Things just didn't go right for a long time. I think I was training too hard and wasn't relaxed. I was training to get my shodan and not for the sake of learning and improving my aikido. When I came to that realisation, the aikido got a little more fluid and natural and I got to enjoy doing aikido for its own sake and not for getting a shodan.

All the best for your training Vera and above all I hope that you enjoy your journey into the wonderful world of aikido.

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