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Re: This is Aikido, by Tohei

I'm sorry but I can't help my self. I have to put in a shameless plug for my teacher. Well perhaps the master of my style if you will.

His name is Koretoshi Maruyama. I don't want to go in to the details of his background other than to say his background was as one of Tohei's students. He also has a beautiful way of explaining the kokyu forces or movement of Ki through the body. He has written a book but it was basically just reproducing Tohei's theories, I don't think he was able to give his own.

The only body of work he has produced is DVDs of his seminars. It is my hope that he one day writes a book I believe it will parallel 'This is Aikido'.

Again, please forgive my shameless plug.

As for the question on how to develop these fascial forces, take a class or look up fascial release techniques. Particularly the work of the Barnes family. Very Neat

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