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Good question, is there a '0' answer? I guess I can think of one situation, I did two weeks of Aikido while deployed to the Balkans, we trained in a corner of the gym, a tent with a concrete floor, and had no mats. Needless to say, rolls/falls were not required.

As for exageration to 500+, perhaps...but if you do 10-15 minutes of rolls/falls for warmup, with a rate of 40 per minute (which is actually pretty leisurely) you have nearly that number before the first technique is done, with 45 minutes of class left to go. Throw in some extended periods of a basic kokyunage or kokyuho, when uke is expected to jump right back up and attack, then after 4 throws change roles, no talking allowed and energy can get a pretty good workout in one class...
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