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Re: Article: 'Sincere' Attacks: A Platonic Dialogue by Peter Goldsbury

Nevertheless, you have to really intend to attack your partner. Otherwise he/she cannot do the technique.
It is some sort of false myth, urban legend, in the very first technique in 'Budo' -- ikkyo, Founder shows clearly how to deal with this situation. I'm really shocked you are trying to perpetuate such nonsense, Peter.

Then you talk about 'honest' attacks with 'real intent'
Shoumen-uchi is based on the sword, which is why the hand is called te-gatana (hand-sword) so when you raise your hand to attack, you have to imagine that you have a sword and really aim to slice your partner down the middle.
It is very true. 99.99% of aikidoka can only imagine how to cut with a sword, because they never did it physicaly. And their imagination fails completly -- it is to be expected. Honest attack with real intend with a sword(bokken or live blade) by someone who use to train sword 1-2 years will be deadly for most aikido high ranking aikido instructors. I'm not kidding here. I had quite few personal experiences, it is way safer I don't do very honest attack and without intend -- otherwise nage will not have time to blink -- and I'm really beginner in sword arts. The same situation will happened with some good kicker or grapler. Better to pray them for friendly attack

So it looks like 'honest' attacks with 'real intent' is simply another urban legend?
I think you must think harder where and how to find another excuse for aikido weakeness


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