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Re: This is Aikido, by Tohei

Nicholas Pagnucco wrote:
How is this book different from the other books you like on aikido? Does it have the 'best' description of ki/kokyu? A different take?
Hi NIck:

Notice how I first stipulated "...If someone can get a foothold idea of how to use the jin/kokyu forces of "ki"...". What I'm saying is sort of along the lines of a comparison to something like, for instance, the 3-D video-graphics of Aikido techniques... the video analyses show the technique, but totally miss a discussion of the hidden forces, the ki/kokyu forces which are the heart of the real technique.

It gets back to our discussion about the core which is missing from so much Aikido. What Tohei's book does is include, at a reasonable but fairly basic level (i.e., he's not covering all the factors), the way the kokyu/ki forces are used by nage during the throws which are illustrated. That's why some of the explanations seem to be filled with vague and inexplicably redundant arrows, forces, etc. What I thought was just a so-so book, maybe having lost something in the translation, etc., turned out (after I understood how the kokyu-forces work) to be a quite excellent book which often tells me the exact paths of the kokyu-forces in some wazas. I could probably have a great time with some Aikidoists, looking at and discussing the why's of some of the force paths, and so on, now that I understand very clearly what Tohei was laying out (as the chief instructor at Hombu) as the preferred way of executing some of the techniques.

Great book.


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