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Re: Poll: Do you think private "one on one" lessons in aikido benefit the student mor

Joseph Bowen wrote:
Where does this statement come from? Admittedly I'm not an Aikido historian, but I always thought that Takeda roamed around and taught various seminars. And when not teaching in the big seminar fashion would run various "courses" for small groups [2-5] folks. If it was one on one instruction, what was it like? Takeda would throw Ueshiba and then Ueshiba would turn around and throw Takeda? I would imagine Takeda, Ueshiba and at least another body. Then Takeda would throw Ueshiba and then Ueshiba would throw the other body. Weapons practice would be different, but I could not imagine Takeda allowing Ueshiba to pin him. That's just my own imagination though, reality may have been much different...
Takeda ran a lot of seminars, quite often large ones for the police, but those were almost always short term one or two day affairs, done mostly for the income. Training with the people who were his long term students was almost always one on one.

Takeda never had his own dojo, students would travel to see him, or would see him when he came into town, so there weren't that many cases when there were many people with him at a time. Two of Takeda's top students, Sagawa and Ueshiba, for example, never really met at all until long after he passed away - even though their study covered exactly the same period of time under Takeda.

One student of Takeda (I can't recall the name now) recalled how Takeda would come into town, rent a small room at an inn, and then the two of them would go into his hotel room to train for hours at a time.



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