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Re: Poll: Do you think private "one on one" lessons in aikido benefit the student more than regular group lessons?

That statement was probably borne out of the time Ueshiba spent living with Takeda in Hokaido. There was probably a period of a few years where the two lived together and trained in some fashion. I don't believe there are any records of what that training consisted of though. There was also time spent in Ayabe where Takeda was teaching Ueshiba. While most of the students of Takeda were indeed taught in seminar fashion, you'll find that his top students were either getting one on one time with him somehow, or were travelling with him as assistant instructors for a time. One notable exception could be the Asahi Newspaper Dojo group, which started training with Ueshiba, then switched to Takeda later on. Check for more info, and the books of Stan Pranin as well.


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