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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

IMHO, it will help. Many of our neurosis and psychosis start from a judgmental and separated (existential angst) position. Accepting "what is" and who we really are beyond the the learned ego identity, shifts the identity frame of reference to a more positive and workable one.

Go slow.

Always build in a security anchor, sense many of the trance states associated with meditation work can be triggers for the defense mechanism trance states.

Slide above their life time line and find a time before they had problems. Who and where were they? How did they do that then? Slide forward to the future, ask them to do it again.

"Judgment" and "separation" according to who? Find the referential index. Its not ones "self". Its in reference to some "other".

Enter, blend, and redirect. Pace, pace, pace, lead.

To go from "crazy" to "sane" often feels like "in-sanity". Many think that going "crazy" is the "sane" way to deal with the "insane" reality from which they come.

Compliments an appreciation for being "crazy" enough to enter and blend. No advancement was ever made by people playing it safe and not having the courage to reach out to each others pain and suffering.

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