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Re: Aikido for Drug/alcohol Rehab

Lynn Seiser wrote:
The miracle is to see through the illusion to who we all really are. Its a shift in perception. Choose the miracle.
So then, are you saying that we are all one and that we forget this and that by embracing all of our behaviour and attitudes in a non-judgmental way this will serve to break this illusion?

The sessions that I teach are actually not aiki waza but more the meditation, breathing and taiso. Also I borrow a lot from Seitai and Sotai exercise traditons. The aim of what I do is to let people calm down and except the movements of there body and then hopefully the movements of there mind.

I try to creat an atmosphere where people can have there own space but still operate in a space with others. This teaching is done at hospital so there are restraints on what we can do ie. no contact.

I guess I looking for practical techniques, meditations or just advice on how to conduct these sessions.

I have really appreciated all of the feedback so far and as someone said earlier, this is the most important purpose of aikido so please if you have some thoughts, even if you think I am crazy, please let me know.

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